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Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Katrice's Story

Hi! I’m Katrice, the woman behind the cookies! I first launched Cookies by Katrice back in 2013 as a passion project making decorated sugar cookies during the holidays for friends and family. Throughout the years, I have been honored to bake and decorate for countless birthdays, weddings and special events. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and the store-bought cookies I purchased just weren’t satisfying my sugar itch, did I decide to officially re-launch the business and share the gift of quality cookies with others. After all, comfort food is so necessary right now! 


I can remember so distinctly when my passion for baking cookies started! My Grandma had the Mrs. Fields Cookie Book and I couldn’t get enough of it. I flipped through it so many times at her house that eventually she just gifted it to me. And so my culinary journey began. (I still have that book to this day!) From my first job at Cold Stone Creamery making cakes and ice cream (yes - I had to sing for tips), to attending the International Hospitality & Tourism Academy Baking program in high school -- all the way to moving to NY and attending the Culinary Institute of America in college for Baking and Pastry Arts, baking has always been a clear passion of mine. 


My coolest culinary moment? Making a giant Croquembouche for the Rockefeller family (their yearly holiday tradition) during my externship in Washington DC! My Chef made one and he asked me to make the other. It was my first time working with spun sugar and required a step stool just to get to the top!


Fast forward to today. Now, what I thought would be a few weeks of casual cookie deliveries during quarantine has blossomed into a buzzing, growing business -- and I’m so excited to share the sweetness. 

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